About Me

Hi! I'm Dr. Stefania Tiveron

I’m a Naturopathic doctor and owner of Sick Kitty, a tele-naturopathic clinic focused on complementary healthcare for women with hormonal and pelvic health concerns.

I have three years of clinical experience, including one year of clinical internship. I am licensed and regulated to practice Naturopathic medicine in Ontario, but I am currently living in Montenegro. I provide naturopathic telemedicine services through HIPAA and PIPEDA/PHIPA compliant telehealth platform Zoom.

Feel Heard and Understood

My holistic, patient-centred approach is about empowering and educating my patients because I believe that people need access to information to make informed choices and to improve the quality of their lives. But change is hard. The role of a Naturopathic doctor (ND) is to facilitate a change process. NDs help people build self-efficacy and autonomy. They inspire, motivate, and support change. I am not only a doctor, but also a detective, teacher, resource, and a coach.
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Personalized Care

I try to capture the big picture of who my patients are and how they lead their lives. I use detailed health history information, laboratory results, and imaging studies to understand health status, identify underlying causes of illness, assess risk factors, and prescribe appropriate interventions. Naturopathic doctors are in a unique position to offer individualized care because we typically spend more time with patients. I take the time needed to document and fully understand the constellation of symptoms an individual experiences and explicitly discuss it in the context of their symptoms, along with their needs and health goals.

Biopsychosocial Approach

By nature of the profession, Naturopathic doctors are health coaches. I help my patients understand the physiology behind their illness and help them make the connections between the symptoms their bodies are experiencing and their chronic stress, dietary choices, sleep patterns, movement and exercise habits, environmental exposures, mindset, and personal beliefs. I help them identify crutches and behaviours that are sabotaging their health and understand the physiological impact of their choices.
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Here for You

One of the most important roles that I have as a Naturopathic doctor is supporting lifestyle change. I believe that this is the key to sustainable change and better health outcomes.

The Health Concerns I Commonly Treat

Endometriosis, adenomyosis, dysmenorrhea, fibroids, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), interstitial cystitis (IC)/painful bladder syndrome.

PMS (anxiety, depression, hydration, cravings), PMDD, dysmenorrhea, abnormal bleeding (heavy, light, prolonged, spotting between cycles), amenorrhea, irregular cycles, fibroids, and more

Menstrual dysfunction, anovulation, signs of hyperandrogenism (excess body hair in a male distribution pattern), fertility challenges, weight gain, acne.

Irregular cycles, painful periods, abnormal uterine bleeding, and ovarian dysfunction.

– Menstrual cycle regularity: no periods; late periods and early periods (includes long cycles and short cycles, respectively)

– Menstrual bleeding: heavy periods, light periods, prolonged bleeding, menstrual clots

– Non-menstrual bleeding: mid-cycle bleeding, premenstrual bleeding, bleeding after sex

– Pain: period pain, pain before periods, pain during sex, pain from infection, mid-cycle ovarian pain

– Physical signs of ovulation: no fertile mucus, abnormal timing of fertile mucus.

Benefits of having a Naturopathic doctor involved in your treatment

Want to reach me?

If you are looking for more information on how naturopathic medicine can help you, send me a message at info@drstefania.com. This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may still have about naturopathic medicine, and to ensure that we are the right fit for working together.