After you have booked your 90 minute initial appointment through Jane, you will be prompted by email to fill out an online intake form. Once I have received and reviewed your paperwork, you will receive another email from me via ZOOM with a unique meeting ID number and a link to join the ZOOM meeting. Please note: this link will not expire, but can only be used at the specified date and time of your appointment. Five to ten minutes before your scheduled appointment, please click on the “Join Zoom Meeting” link and enter your unique meeting ID number when prompted. The web browser client will download automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting.  

During your initial history and exam visit, I will review:

  • your health and medical history, including your family’s medical history

  • your laboratory and/or imaging results, if provided 

  • your diet and lifestyle

  • your menstrual cycle

  • medications and supplements, including their potential interactions and/or nutrient depletions 

  • function of the key body systems related to your concern 

  • the key characteristics of your illness

The goal here is to uncover the underlying cause of your health concerns.

During your first 60 minute follow-up visit, I will provide you with a Report of Findings. This is where I will:

  • review with you the diagnosis and the clinical rationale used to arrive at the diagnosis

  • explain what testing should be performed for diagnosis and/or to help rule out suspected conditions, if indicated

  • review the potential impact of the diagnosis on you

  • ensure your full understanding of the diagnosis

  • understand your expectations of myself and of health care

  • review the treatment options available

  • discuss your initial treatment program (this will include an initial diet plan and an initial lifestyle plan)

  • respond to any questions

  • allow you the opportunity to seek a second opinion, and  

  • provide any necessary information to facilitate a referral, if indicated or if care is outside my scope of practice (for example, surgery)

During subsequent follow-up appointments I will:

  • monitor your response to treatment, including adverse effects

  • ask you about any new concerns

  • explain any new lab findings

  • adjust treatment based upon laboratory findings and your level of responsiveness

  • order any follow-up testing needed as treatment progress

  • review prescribed monitoring tools (diet diary, sleep journal, BBT charting, etc)

  • continue to help you improve your health 

  • It is difficult to state an exact amount because different women will require differing amounts of care. However, please be aware that I will not order unnecessary testing, prescribe unnecessary treatment, or do anything else that will use your financial resources carelessly or to no purpose. My intention is to help you in a way that is financially feasible for you. 

  • Lab testing: This is one area where fees can quickly add up, especially with functional health testing. However, taking a thorough health history means that I can obtain excellent results with minimal lab testing. In some cases, I may require additional testing, and in some cases no initial lab testing will be required. Some of this testing may be covered by OHIP if your family medical doctor requisitions it. I encourage you to obtain personal copies of any recent laboratory testing results from your family doctor. 

  • Frequency of visits: I recommend seeing a patient once a month while being treated. Depending on the case, treatment length can range from three months to over a year.

  • Treatment: cost is heavily dependent on the person and the severity of their health concerns. I always opt for the most minimal treatment (first, do no harm). Compliance is another important factor. My treatments encourage self-responsibility and involvement in the healing process. This approach is empowering because of the active role that you play, but it can also be slow, frustrating and hard. Expect setbacks. But do not give up! Be patient and kind to yourself as you make these changes. And do not lose sight of your long term goals. Short term “pain” from change is expected in order to gain long term health benefits. Remember that you can not fix long term problems with short term solutions. By making the decision to take action, you will feel in control of your health, and ultimately, your life. I am here to guide you on that journey, but it is up to you to take action.

  • eClaims Enabled. You may not have to pay out of pocket for what’s covered by your insurance. 

Fee Structure:

  • Initial History & Exam: $150, 90 minutes

  • Report of Findings: $100, 60 minutes

  • Follow Up Visits: $55, 30 minutes

  • Consultation Meeting: FREE, 30 minutes
Step 1: Book online through Jane. Select the appointment that you want (ie Initial Naturopathic Appointment), then choose your date and time from the calendar. Complete the booking. You’ll be prompted to sign in or create an account. Fill in your contact information and follow the instructions to complete your account sign up.
Step 2: You will receive an email shortly confirming your bookings. In the meantime, complete your profile. This includes the reason for your visit, your intake form and consent forms. All of your booking information will be displayed at this point. Read through this information carefully.
Step 3: Once completed and submitted, Dr. Stefania Tiveron will receive your info. After reviewing your intake forms, you will receive a Zoom meeting invitation via email. Please accept the invitation. At the specified date and time click the link to join the meeting. Note: This link should not be shared with others; it is unique to you.
Step 4: Before your scheduled appointment, please click the link under “Join Zoom Meeting”.

For the best possible viewing experience I recommend joining on a computer with a Chrome browser.

It may prompt you to download a quick plug-in for your browser. If you’re like me and like to do things ahead of time you can go ahead and click here and it will be automatically set up for you so that when you get the reminder email on the day of the appointment all you’ll have to do is click.

If you need to view on your phone or iPad you’ll be prompted to download the app to view, which you can do ahead of time if you like by using one of the links below. The app ensures you’re able to have a great viewing experience and still have access to all the great functions like chat and screen sharing!

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