Do you lie awake at night, wondering why you can’t control your racing thoughts, feelings of overwhelm and dread, and the underlying sense that everything

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Is Fasting Safe?

Interested in fasting, but not sure if it’s safe? According to the authors of this chart review, this is the most comprehensive analysis of adverse

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Healthcare that fits your life

Ontario Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, with a focus and interest in hormonal and pelvic healthcare. I am the founder of Sick Kitty, a virtual naturopathic clinic, focusing on complimentary healthcare for

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naturopractic medicine

Good to know

Information about naturopathic medicine as a profession Regulation. A registered Naturopathic Doctor (ND) practicing in Ontario has completed a minimum of seven years of post-secondary

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Evidence based medicine

It is a misconception to think that naturopathic doctors do not practice evidence based medicine. What is evidence based medicine? The philosophy that medical practice

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