Menopause & Your Metabolism: The Mediterranean approach to maintaining your metabolic health.

Peri/Menopause is a major metabolic transition - much like puberty, pregnancy and postpartum.

During this transitional period, normal age-related hormonal changes shift the balance of our sex hormones (testosterone, estrogen and progesterone). This new hormonal state impacts the metabolism of our fat cells in significant ways.

For many people, the first sign of this metabolic shift is weight gain and/or body shape change.

Below the surface, these physical changes provide important clues about our underlying health.

A progressive increase in total body fat and the redistribution of body fat, especially around the tummy, increases our risk for chronic diseases like heart disease and metabolic syndrome.

And to make matters worse...

Weight loss approaches that worked in the past are less effective. If at all. In many cases, these approaches backlash and lead to weight gain. But if you're like most people that I work with, you probably don't know what else to do.

There's a prevailing and pervasive assumption that more willpower is needed. Or more restriction. "I'll just try harder next time" becomes the mantra.

And the cycle begins.

In an attempt to capture the benefits of what worked in the past, folks get caught up in yo-yo dieting traps. I see this everyday. It's not surprising that so many people feel frustrated and exhausted by this endless loop of gaining weight and dieting in response.

On a psychological note...

The lack of results is demotivating. Over time, self-trust is lost. People lose faith that they'll ever shed the weight and feel good again. Giving up feels safer than losing another battle.

But you can win this battle... with the right approach for your current hormonal state. And... you can do this with integrity.

What worked in the past worked at that time because you were in a different stage of life - your reproductive years. The underlying hormonal players and the balance between them are different in individuals who are menstruating.

Aging is an important factor too. Even if you're still menstruating, the perimenopausal transition is a period of hormonal change that occurs over 6-12 years.

Considering that folks can spend upwards of 40 percent of their lives in this stage, this critical period of time is your window of opportunity to get ahead of the struggle.

So, how do we change the trajectory of our health span so that we spend this period of time feeling fit and fabulous?

Let me tell you how. Over the next 5 days, I'll deliver simple yet powerful, and actionable advice to support your physical and functional goals. And more importantly, it will be specific to individuals in their peri/menopausal years.

No expensive supplements or medications. This is evidence-informed behavioural tools, including nutrition and lifestyle approaches that are grounded in my experience working as a health coach and a naturopathic doctor.

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